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Why use Bitcoin Mining Finder

Bitcoin Mining Finder is Australia’s leading Bitcoin mining comparison site. We help Australians find the best Bitcoin mining providers based on their own search criteria such as costs, returns, contract durations and more.

Unlike other comparison websites, BitcoiMiningFinder.com lists all bitcoin mining providers to give you the best chance to compare and decide who you wish to engage with, as reviewed by people like you.

Find Bitcoin mining providers based on your requirements by selecting the filter options that matter to you.

See snapshots of the market easily and quickly, without complications – just pure results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Where is your data on Bitcoin miners collected from? +

We've manually collected the data from scouring the Internet and identifying the specific elements of data from cryptocurrency cloud mining websites. The data is current as at the time of collection, however it is updated frequently to attempt to reflect accuracy and changes as they occur. Additionally, companies contact us often to request updates to their data when details change.

Q2) How are Bitcoin miners reviewed? +

The general public is able to review/vote on any company they choose from the summary popup  page. Reviews/votes are submitted as starred entries. Each person can only provide one vote. Attempting to submit multiple votes is detected, and a submission error is shown.

Q3) What are you limiting mining to just Bitcoin? +

In the current climate, the ROI period in days for Bitcoin mining is the lowest it has even been and lower than other coin mining comparatively speaking. Also, given that Bitcoin is the most recognised cyrptocurrency, we decided to focus on Bitcoin mining offers initially.

Q4) How accurate is the data shown? +

The content on this website is fairly current, but may not be entirely accurate. We suggest you visit miner company websites yourself to read about current offers and view current data. To this end, we have placed convenient links against company listings to allow you to easily navigate to them for your own review and considerations.

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