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Bitcoin Mining Finder ( referred to as “the website” or "Bitcoin Mining Finder") allows users of the website to search, compare and filter cloud mining information listed on the website. In using the website you acknowledge and agree to the conditions below:

The creators and authors of the website may change these terms and conditions of use at their discretion at any time.

Use of the information on the website

Bitcoin Mining Finder collects information to pass onto Bitcoin mining companies that you elect to make contact with via the enquiry forms on the website. Please view the privacy policy to see more information on how the website uses data collected.

Limitation of liability

All information shown on this website has been created from third party Bitcoin mining websites. It is important to note that generally speaking, data can be difficult to compare and requires interpretation in many instances, which may lead to some interpretive inaccuracies.

Given the information is derived from third party website information that is collected manually, it is possible that the data may become outdated over the course of time. The website authors try to their best ability to update the site to factor in such changes that may arise from time to time, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data at any point in time.

The website cannot provide any warranty or guarantee

The accuracy, timeliness and or completeness of information on Bitcoin Mining Finder; or quality of the results obtained from the website

The website, its owners and authors have no liability in relation to or arising from the information shown on this website to the extent permitted by law. Your choice of Bitcoin mining company or Bitcoin mining companies and your decision to engage any commercially should be made through personal your interaction with each Bitcoin mining company and on the product websites and disclosure statements provided by Bitcoin mining company directly. If you are unsure of any Bitcoin mining product, you should ask for advice from the Bitcoin mining company directly.

Affiliate payments disclosure of the website

We do have affiliate relationships with some Bitcoin mining companies listed on this website, which means we receive affiliate payments from Bitcoin mining companies when users sign up and engage their services commercially.

Prices and costs shown on the website

The website displays prices quoted in US dollar amounts (USD). Whilst prices such as costs, and returns and general fees have been derived from Bitcoin mining company websites, in actuality, prices variations may exist based on current exchange rates and other conditions such as the price of Bitcoin that may vary in actual true pricing for each listed mining company. It’s important to be aware that prices and any amounts shown on the website may not reflect accurately under any conditions for each Bitcoin Mining company. The amounts shown on the website are for indicative purposes and should be viewed an informative, but with caution. We recommend you check pricing directly with mining companies by viewing their websites directly.

Information statements

Any statement you read on the website are not intended to be statements of fact or statements of the law. These statements have been provided in an interpretive way and will generally reflect summarised data. The information provided may not be complete enough to base decisions on alone and the website owners recommend speaking to Bitcoin mining companies directly to make final decisions about proceeding to engage any commercially.

Other information

Bitcoin Mining Finder is not a registered Bitcoin mining company provider or licensed under ASIC as a financial services advisory. All information and comparisons provided are not intended to be used for your final conclusions about investing with any mining company, and you should contact any mining company directly to evaluate them properly. Bitcoin mining can have significant risk involved and visiting each Bitcoin mining company websites directly is encouraged to determine if Bitcoin mining is right for you.

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